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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the National Mall

Get to know DC's most celebrated landmarks at the National Mall. Read our guide for insider tips and must-see attractions during your visit!

When visiting a new tourist spot for the first time, it’s smart to do your quick research first. You can definitely do this with the National Mall through this article! The National Mall features beautiful gardens and large open spaces that are frequently utilized for public events, speeches, rallies, protests, and other activities all year. Find out more information about navigating this national park and experiencing the wonderful things it offers.

Information on Transportation and Parking

The region surrounding the National Mall is one of Washington, D.C.’s most frequented districts, owing to its central location and the political prominence of nearby landmarks. Taking public transportation is one of the most efficient methods to travel around this region of town. Smithsonian, Federal Triangle, Metro Center, Arlington National Cemetery, and many other tourist spots are all located near the Mall. If you do plan on driving, it’s a good idea to look up parking garages near the National Mall on a map before you go, as parking is scarce in this part of town.

Children’s Activities and Attractions

While meandering around stone memorials on a hot day may not be the most perfect vacation activity for a kid, the National Mall offers a variety of family-friendly diversions. Children can spend time in the National Museum of Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum, to name a few. Paddle boating on the Tidal Basin and rides on the carousel outside the Arts and Industries Building are two more activities in the park. Paddle boating is a terrific way to relax while exploring the nation’s capital, and riding on the carousel is especially great for younger kids.

Busiest and Least Crowded Times

While travelers visit the National Mall all year, there are distinct times throughout the tourist season when more or fewer people visit the monuments and museums. Unlike many other tourist sites, D.C. is packed all year since it is a favorite summer destination for families as well as a popular school trip destination. The Mall is busiest around holidays and special events and less so earlier in the day and on weekdays in general. The 4th of July and the National Cherry Blossom Festival are among the annual events on the National Mall that bring the largest one-time audiences. The greatest time to visit D.C. is in the late fall and early winter, between October and December. The schools are back in session, and summer vacation is finished. However, the cold weather hasn’t yet arrived in the northeast. Because school excursions are more common in the spring and winter, and summer vacations draw large crowds, going on a weekday in the fall is your best bet for avoiding crowds.

Opportunities for Great Photographs

The National Mall is one of the city’s most photogenic places, and photography is permitted everywhere on the Mall unless otherwise stated. Thousands of amateur and professional photographers have photographed this two-mile stretch of monuments, memorials, and historic buildings. You’ll need a permit from the city’s parks department if you want to do a professional photoshoot in the Mall. While using a tripod for photography is not forbidden, it might be difficult to set up and risky to leave your tripod alone if you want to shoot timed shots, especially on busy tourist days.


The ten Smithsonian Institution museums that call the Mall home are among the most popular of the several permanent attractions onsite, offering a diverse range of exhibits ranging from art to space exploration. National monuments and memorials, the United States Capitol Building, the National Gallery of Art, and the United States Botanic Garden are among the other notable attractions.

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