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Washington DC's Must-See Sites at Night

Looking for a unique way to explore the beauty of Washington DC? Join See DC Today for a night tour and see some of the most iconic attractions in the city! Check out our stops at Iconic Washington DC Attractions.

While exploring Washington DC at night, no tour is complete without a visit to the iconic Lincoln Memorial. Located at the western end of the National Mall, this awe-inspiring monument is lit up against the night sky and stands as a reminder of America’s history. Enjoy panoramic views of the city from this spot.

The United States Capitol Building is a must-see during a nighttime tour of Washington DC. On the grounds around this iconic building, located at the eastern end of the National Mall, you’ll get the chance to see several memorials and monuments lit up against the night sky. As you approach, be sure to look for unique sculptures and artifacts from American history along your way. Then take in views of the Capitol illuminated against its majestic backdrop – truly breathtaking!

The World War II Memorial is beautifully illuminated by night. Step back into history and reflect on the victory, hardship, and sacrifice that was endured before America's eventual emergence as a superpower. Captivate in this stirring experience of both sorrow and joy in commemoration of those who fought to protect our freedoms.

Ford's Theatre is a treasured landmark of Washington DC and the nation's center for the performing arts. See this iconic theatre lit up after dark, framed by its columns that stand tall against the night sky. Learn about its importance in American history and be mesmerized by its unique facade in one of America’s most historic theatres.

One of the best parts of our tour is a visit to the Korean War Memorial. Be transported back in time and admire the 19 life-sized statues that commemorate those who sacrificed for their country. As you gaze out onto this solemn memorial, be reminded of freedom, service, and courage.

Our night tour also includes a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Experience an emotional journey at one of the nation’s most solemn and powerful monuments. Commemorating those who lost their lives in service, this moving memorial will remind you of the importance of respecting our fallen heroes.

A true American icon, the White House is another spectacular must-see during your evening tour of Washington DC. As you approach the White House, you’ll be able to see it illuminated in all its glory – an impressive sight that’s sure to stay with you long after your tour is over.

Another unforgettable stop on your evening tour of Washington DC is the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Located just north of the Jefferson Memorial near the Tidal Basin, this memorial pays tribute to a remarkable man who changed American history with his incredible advocacy of peace and equality. From here you’ll have sweeping views over the Potomac River as you take in one of DC’s most magnificent landmarks.

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is one of DC’s most iconic monuments, honoring the author of the Declaration of Independence and our third president. You’ll be able to appreciate this majestic monument lit up at night, connected to some incredible views over the shoreline. Be sure to take a few moments to reflect on the incredible life and legacy of Thomas Jefferson!

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