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Tour Guide

"On Monday April 29, 2024, my family and I had a wonderful private tour with See DC Today. Our tour guide, Daniel, was excellent. He was knowledgeable, engaging, and considerate. This tour was for a family of six adults. Each one of us gained a better appreciation for our nation's capital and ended the tour with a treasure-trove of memories. Thank you Daniel!!!!. Also, thanks to Ivan for being a most capable driver. The cost of this private tour was very reasonable. However, the knowledge and memories gained from this tour are just priceless."

Lee Billes

"This tour made the most of the short time we had in Washington. Our guide Daniel was punctual, patient, articulate and well-informed. We learned so much in such a short time. The van was comfortable and spacious. Comfort stops already built into the schedule, with the bonus of an unexpected visit to the Botanical Gardens. We thoroughly recommend this tour. (Please, as guests be respectful of your fellow guests and return to the van at the requested time! We had one party of annoying fellow guests who were constantly late at each stop, needlessly dawdling while the rest of the van waited. Grrrrrr!)"

Andrew P

"Great tour, got to see the top attractions and get history without the hassle of miles of walking and research. Our tour guide, Daniel, was courteous, professional and a great guide."

Donny S

"My daughter and I took a tour with Daniel Sunday and it was great! Daniel was knowledgeable and did a great job helping us to see everything on our list. As a parent I always appreciate when a guide interacts with the kids and makes them feel important. Daniel and my daughter could have geeked out about history & law the entire day I believe. I highly recommend!"

Jamie S

"Worth the money. We thought about the bus but this trip allowed us to see a lot of DC. The best part was the personalized service by driver Daniel. He was knowledgeable and accommodating. One of the young passengers left their phone at a memorial and David was willing to help the family retrieve the device. Highly recommend if you want a quick, convenient and action packed tour."


"A great experience for our family of 8. Daniel was a very fun,courteous,and informative tour guide. Prompt in pick up. So many sights yet wasn't rushed. It felt more personal than commercial. Thanks for making this tour enjoyable memories our family will share for years!"

Dana Carroll

"We enjoyed Daniel's tour and narrative very much! He was very informative and had a great personality!"

Ronda Smyth

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