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Freer Gallery of Art

Antique ceramic arts from Asia, plus unique prints, scarves, bags, and Eastern Music.

Freer Gallery of Art

The Freer Gallery of Art, located in Washington D.C., is one of the most renowned museums of Asian art in the United States. The museum, which is part of the Smithsonian Institution, is home to an impressive collection of art from across Asia, including China, Japan, Korea, India, and the Near East.

One of the highlights of the Freer Gallery of Art is the "Arts of China" exhibit, which features a wide range of Chinese art from ancient to modern times. Visitors can see pottery, jade, bronze, and other artifacts from ancient China, as well as scrolls, screens, and ceramics from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The exhibit also includes interactive displays that allow visitors to learn about the history and culture of China.

Another must-see exhibit is the "Arts of Japan" exhibit, which explores the art and culture of Japan from ancient to modern times. This exhibit features painting, sculpture, ceramics, and decorative arts that reflect the rich history and diversity of Japanese art. Visitors can see artworks from different eras like Edo period and Meiji period.

The Freer Gallery of Art also offers a variety of educational programs for visitors of all ages. The museum's "Smithsonian Learning Lab" is an online resource that allows visitors to explore the museum's collection and create their own digital projects. The museum also offers tours, lectures, and workshops for visitors who want to learn more about Asian art and culture.

In addition to its collection and programming, the Freer Gallery of Art is housed in a beautiful building, designed by the famous architect Charles Platt, which was specifically built to house Freer's collection. The building is a National Historic Landmark, and the museum's design reflects the art and architecture of Asia, making it a unique and inspiring setting for viewing art.

The Freer Gallery of Art is a must-see destination for art lovers and anyone interested in Asian art and culture. With its extensive collection, dynamic exhibits, and educational programs, the museum offers a unique and enlightening look at the art and culture of Asia.

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