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What's the Weather Like in Washington DC?

If you're planning a trip to Washington DC and wondering what to expect weather-wise, this guide is for you.

The city has a humid subtropical climate, which means you can expect hot and humid summers, as well as mild winters. During the summer months, the average temperature is around 80°F (26°C), and in the winter, it's typically in the mid 40s°F (5–9°C). The temperatures during spring and fall tend to stay in the 50s℉ to 70s℉ range, making them comfortable seasons to visit the city.

Snowfall in Washington DC is not common, with only a few inches falling on average each year, and typically only once or twice a year. Rainfall is more prevalent, with an average of 44 inches of rain falling each year, mostly between April and September. October through March tends to be relatively dry, with less rainfall. However, thunderstorms are still common during these months due to the combination of heating and moisture in the air.

It is worth noting that while Washington DC is not often affected by hurricanes, flooding can occur at any time of year due to heavy rainfall or snowmelt. So, it's a good idea to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly to be prepared for any type of weather. Overall, Washington DC has a diverse climate, with different weather patterns throughout the year, but with proper planning, you can make the most of your trip, no matter the weather.



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