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Discovering Washington, DC Through a US Capitol Tour

Touring the US Capitol is a great way to explore one of the most important places in American history. Join a guided tour and marvel at the structure's grand architecture, and intricate artwork throughout the building, and learn about its role in our nation's history.

Learn the History of the US Capitol Building

From George Washington's 1793 groundbreaking ceremony to the inauguration of President Joe Biden in 2021 - the US Capitol stands as a beacon of democracy and liberty. On your tour, explore various aspects throughout the building, such as Statuary Hall, the Rotunda, and the National Statuary Hall Collection to gain insight into how our nation's government has evolved over time. Learn about the history of the Capitol, from its construction to its role in the formation of our government. See iconic artifacts and artwork that have been part of this building for centuries. Visit the chambers of Congress, where you can witness firsthand how laws are made and debated. Finally, take a moment to reflect on the importance of this building as a symbol of our nation's democracy and freedom.

Book a Tour

Tours of the U.S. Capitol can be booked several ways. U.S. residents can go directly through the offices of their Representatives or Senators. These Congressional offices typically offer their own staff-led tours and most can assist in reserving a general tour. Tours can also be arranged directly through the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) using an online reservation system. To make a reservation, please visit The guided tours originate in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center and begin with an orientation film that discusses the Founding Fathers' efforts to establish our representative democracy, as well as illustrates the construction of the historic U.S. Capitol.

Looking for the perfect way to see the amazing sights of Washington DC? Go on a private or small group tour with See DC Today and explore all this city has to offer!


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