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Any December visit to DC MUST include a stop at two of DC's most famous Christmas trees, one located at the US Capitol and the other at the White House.

On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, at 5PM Nancy Pelosi will light the Capitol Christmas Tree located on the West lawn of the US Capitol. The Architect of the Capitol elves have been working for weeks on decorating this 78 foot tall Red Spruce - whose former home was the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. One and all are invited to attend the lighting! The tree will remain on the West lawn until January 1; it is lit from sunset to 11PM Meanwhile, the President's White House crew has been working on an entirely different holiday tree. This one is an in-ground White Fir, planted last year which can be viewed in its undecorated state any time you are in DC. It is located on the northwest corner of the Ellipse, the public park behind the White House. But, for the month of December this tree becomes magical! On Wednesday, November 30 at 8PM the President will light the tree - a tradition going back 100 years! There is a special area designated for seated guests of the President but the Ellipse is very large and anyone may attend. You'll also be able to visit your own state / territory tree: there are 58 smaller Christmas trees surrounding the White House tree with walkways among the state / territory trees to get a closer view. The National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse will be lit from sunset to 10PM Sunday - Thursday and until 11PM on Friday and Saturday. Note - there are no public restrooms near either of the Christmas tree sites and parking will be challenging. But DC is a walkable town so if you are staying at a downtown hotel you might find both tree sites are an easy walk. Just bundle up, wear comfortable shoes and take lots of pictures!


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