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An Insider's Guide to Experiencing the Cherry Blossom in Washington DC

Each spring, the majestic cherry blossoms of Washington DC light up the city in a kaleidoscope of pinks and whites. With our insider's guide to experiencing the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, you'll be sure to find the best places to view this spectacular show of nature's grandeur.

When to Visit for the Best Views.

The cherry blossom season in D.C. is typical during the months of late March to early April. Peak bloom for each season can vary according to weather but typically occurs between the end of March and the first or second week of April. To get the best views and experience the grandest display of blossoms, it's best to plan your trip within these two weeks.

Where to View the Flowering Trees.

The best place to enjoy the flowering trees is around the Tidal Basin and its surroundings. With over 3,700 cherry trees in D.C., there are plenty of opportunities for photos and a leisurely stroll by these beauties! You can find popular spots such as Hains Point, Arlington Memorial Bridge, Anacostia Park, and many more places throughout the city that offer up stunning views of the blossoms.

Understand which Paths are Best for Sightseeing.

To make the most of your cherry blossom experience, it’s important to understand which paths are best for sightseeing. For example, walking around the Tidal Basin gives you an opportunity to experience a number of different blossoms and leads you straight to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. While driving is not recommended due to heavy traffic and limited street parking, scooters can be a great way to traverse throughout D.C., with many streets closed off for bikers and walkers throughout the festivities!

Learn About Local Customs and History.

Before embarking on your journey to witness the cherry blossoms, make sure to read up on local customs and history. There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of a place than by learning about its culture and significance. For example, did you know that each year the National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees from Japan in 1912 as an expression of friendship? Learning about these stories gives an even greater appreciation for this stunning display!

Plan a Picnic Beneath Blooming Trees.

Get the full cherry blossom experience by planning a picnic beneath blooming trees. Although DC is a bustling city, there are plenty of parks and open spaces to pick your spot for an al fresco lunch. Pick up some Maker’s Mark-infused upscale sandwiches at neighboring Kramerbooks & Afterwords Café or visit the farmers market at Union Market and craft a picture-perfect spring spread. Enjoy lunch in the shadow of flowers while admiring one of nature’s most enchanting displays!

If you’re looking for a way to explore the most iconic sites and monuments of Washington, DC, then taking a tour with See DC Today is the way to go. Check out our guided tours and make sure to see all of what Washington DC has to offer!

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